here comes a time in every gal’s life when the only thing that helps is a good cup of coffee. Compromises can work wonders in, let’s say... relationships, but certainly not in coffee. Hence the girls at Deliciously Girlie thought of growing, processing and roasting the first, original and only coffee for women.

Because it is outofthisworld naturally yummy.

Because it’s really good for our feminine bod.

Because it is today’s luxury gourmet must-have.

So order assured that this ain’t your mom’s coffee: Deliciously Girlie Coffee guarantees you cuteness-overload and the discovery of hence unknown tastebuds. Patriotically grown and produced in the USA, we cultivate ecologically, watch out for your health and are all around simply ‘girl made’. How’s that for a change? Origin counts big time and therefore it’s made only from the worlds best and rare 100% Kona coffee beans grown on our small Hawaiian family farm. Now, ladies, let us take some coffee!

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